Seven Travel Strategies That Will Make Your Journey Easier

Getting ready for a trip? Make your journey a bit easier with some simple hacks while you are on the road. These include ways to simplify packing, be better-prepared, and feel good during your trip. Seven travel tips are: Learn the lingo. Take the time to learn a few native phrases before you go, which can make traveling in a foreign country a bit safer. Look for online resources that offer basic phrases and terminology so that you can find food, drink, a bathroom, or ask directions in a new destination. [Read More]

Tips For Renting A Condo With Children

If you are considering going on vacation, there's an excellent chance that you are going to want to make sure that you get a place where they can run around and not be confined to a tiny hotel room. One good idea is to rent a condo. This will give your children more room to play, as well as space to separate from one another should they start to fight. However, you want to make sure that your children stay safe at the condo. [Read More]

Find A Great Vacation Home In Ecuador

If you are someone who loves visiting Ecuador on a regular basis, but does not like having to find a place to stay every time you go, consider purchasing a vacation home that you can use whenever you visit Ecuador. There are many homes available that are very affordably priced and close to all of the fun hot spots in Ecuador. Use the guide below to learn what steps to take to find a great vacation home in Ecuador. [Read More]

Ask These 2 Interview Questions To Find A Great Food And Beverage Manager For Your Restaurant

If you're a general manager at a hotel that has a kitchen, you need a food and beverage manager who properly oversees all restaurant operations within your hotel -- and knows how to improve them -- for two reasons. You might not be an expert in food and beverage management, depending on your background, and you likely don't have time to focus only on the restaurant operations of your hotel. If you're looking for a new food and beverage manager, here are two interview questions you can use to find a qualified candidate. [Read More]